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Property Management in Maricopa, AZ

Personal Service with Tomorrow Technology

Real Estate Services: Buyers, Sellers, Investors, New Build Services, Property Management, Performance and Cost Controls you can count on.
Professional rental services that deliver professional results


I use the local MLS and national sites like Zillow,,, Hot Pads, Trulia  and many others.


I  do not collect Rent and I do not hold deposits. These will go directly to your owner/property account.


I do two inspections the first year one at 6 months and one at 1 year or renewal and after that I only do renewal inspections. I  do bi-monthly drive bys and we have a filter service that puts eyes in the property.


I have been hiring people for 50 years, I have good skills but I also set our qualifications high and look into the details. Work History, Rental History, Credit, Public Records and Criminal are checked via a third party service.


I have local service people, some licensed and some not but they have been working with me for years. I do not mark up our invoices. Owner pays the exact charge for the repair or service as invoiced. 


I AM fair, Tenants are responsible for landscape maintenance, trash cans and weeds and filters. I also check on pets, parking and condition of the property periodically. I try to let tenants live, I am available for questions, repairs or Maintenance that come up.  Requests can also be entered through the website.

Why Choose Dale Dresel at Cactus Mountain Properties?
I firmly believe that my hands-on approach to property management makes me the best choice for property owners.
Small, Local and Flat Fee Property Management.

I  Actually Know Your Name

I charge only for our actual services, If someone is not happy with me I will cancel our agreement with them and they can move. This has only happened once. I do not collect money for our owners, I let them hold their funds and show them how to do it and monitor it. Many companies are always adding additional fees to either the tenants or the owners. I do not do this. OUR goal is to make it as reasonable as possible for our owners to keep good tenants. Preserve their equity, Maintain their property in excellent conditions, suggest maintenance when necessary and demand they keep the property safe and working for the tenants.. I am available for calls from the tenants or the owners anytime. I even answer my phone when I am on vacation.


I am an Experienced Professional

I have been working with my owners for 10 years, I have learned from our experiences, I have happy tenants which make for happy clients, I listen to the tenant and give feedback to the owners or to ourselves if something is negative. I keep owners in the loop at all times. Most owners consider me a friend more so than just a Property Manager.


Our Systems and Processes

I have a web site to maintain records for Maintenance, expenses and lease payments, accessible by both the tenant and the owner. Either can look at the lease documents or check maintenance or expenses during the year.

Guarantees for Property Owners

I have you covered every step of the way.

Lease Agreements

I work with you to determine your resident leasing goals. Whether 6 months or 1 year, I provide you with the flexibility necessary to align with your vision for your property.

Pet Policy

Pets are a big part of many families. Some properties are not pet friendly and should not have them. I work with you to decide on the best policy for pets or no pets. I'll set deposits and fees to ensure damages are taken care of.  

Resident Placement

Our resident placement fees are some of the most reasonable around. Whether it's a  6 month or year lease, our proprietary placement process lets us qualify residents to the criteria I set with you. If a resident breaks a lease, I find a replacement for no additional fee.

Rental Income

The tenant sends the rent directly to the owners bank account by any means they choose. The Owner then pays the HOA and other expenses from his account when due. This can be automated and managed with only a few minutes each month.

Management Fees

Fees are based on the agreement between Dale Dresel and the owner. We handle all management issues through this agreement. Tenant issues, maintenance issues HOA issues, Tenant and Owner inquiries. Level of Service can be negotiated if an owner desires more inspections etc.

Leasing Fee Service

Are fixed as set in our agreement, plus any advertising costs incurred. (max $100) I do not charge Application Fees, Administration Fees, Move-in fees Onboarding Fees, Only a background check fee will be collected directly from the tenant.

Legal Compliance

I use the most current State approved lease agreements and resident notices which provide all the required clauses, terms & conditions. This allows us to control residents and avoid evictions whenever possible.


I am an Expert at Negotiating all types of Professional Property Management Situations.

I Love When My Clients are Happy!

Let's add you to the list!


Margaret Willis

Dale Dresel is very caring and professional. We have 5 stars for him all the way!

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Diane Mercil

Dale is a great Realtor. Not only is he very professional but he is very caring of your individual needs!!

Chose Dale Dresel today!!

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What Are the Benefits of Working With the
Dale Dresel at Cactus Mountain Properties?
Professional rental services that deliver professional results

More about Dale Dresel at Cactus Mountain Properties and Management Philosophy

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Born in Northern Wisconsin, after high school I attended the University of Wisconsin. I found a job in Corporate America where I worked for 34 years. In 1994, I was transferred to Phoenix. I decided to go back to school to finish my Finance Degree at ASU (Arizona State University). After Graduation, I obtained my Real Estate License.  I specialize in Buyer-Broker transactions, where I help the buyers locate and find homes with the best upside potential. After we purchase the property, I would assist the buyers in leasing and managing it.

I discovered an up and coming community in "Maricopa, AZ".  Most agents would bring buyers to Maricopa because the homes were less expensive than the surrounding area. These agents were only interested in a quick sale.

I made it my business to become an expert on Maricopa, set up Websites and Search Engines to find homes in Maricopa, including many Canadian clients and Northern Border folks looking for both Investment Properties and winter homes.

Please refer to my referrals and recommendations from my clients who appreciate the trust I have earned. If you want an agent who believes in getting you the best possible price, call me and I will help you with all your home buying, selling needs or leasing and management. If you want to lease your home with an agent that actually does marketing and cares about your tenants, Call me! 

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